Our Editors

Michael Kahtri

Michael moved to Las Vegas when he was 12. Growing up in a non-Indian neighborhood, he has always had a dream of going back to his roots. He pursued this dream until he was able to visit India 5 years ago. He may not have experienced the Indian culture while growing up, he feels that writing for this website is a way to learn and share what he knows about Indian culture.

Minesh Kumar

Moving to the US when he was 20 was not the best memory of Minesh. He had experienced discrimination, culture shock, and bullying. However, when he finally joined by fellow Indian-American youth, he started to adjust and embrace his new world. He gives advice on how to enjoy your first few weeks of moving to America and overcome the challenges that come with it.

Vijay Vijayakumar

Vijay used to work for a BPO company in India but moved to New York when he got promoted as a Client Services Manager. He thinks that Indian culture is something that adds color to the US and gives it the diversity that it is known for.