Why do men favor the doggy sex position above other sex positions?

What is the most preferred Kama Sutra position? Well, you probably know the answer to this question. Of course, it’s doggy. But why do men love doggy style so much? What makes this sex position so special for so many people out there? Let’s start from the beginning. 

What Is a Doggy Style Position?

Doggy style is one of the most popular sex positions worldwide. In fact, there are several surveys that put it in first place on the list. After asking 2,000 people about their preferences, 35% put doggy style as their favorite. This pose is followed by the missionary, and the cowgirl is in third place. But what is doggy style?


It is a sex position where one person gets on all fours, usually on their knees and elbows (or arms). Their partner then penetrates them from behind, either vaginally or anally. And it is so much fun! 


Unlike the missionary, the couple won’t be turned face to face. Instead, they will be facing in the same direction. The person on their hands and knees will be able to adjust in a way that makes penetration comfortable while still having a certain level of control. Of course, the majority of control is in the hands of the dominant partner. 


Also, you can try it out on the bed, standing, bent over the table, or any other way that seems exciting for you and your partner. 

Doggy Style Is Dominance

What is interesting is that the doggy style has elements of dominance. Now, this isn’t completely a one-sided pose, nor does it belong solely in the BDSM category. But there is no denying that the person behind is in charge of the action. And this is one of many reasons why so many men enjoy this position. They have control, and they love it. 


While the receiving partner still has a bit of control, they can be completely passive if they feel like it. And this is why many people see doggy style as a Dom/sub position. At the same time, having sex where there is no eye contact makes it a bit more primal. And, of course, that can be appealing to all involved parties. 


We all know many men enjoy being dominant, so it is obvious why so many people are voting this as their favorite sex position. Additionally, if you are interested in trying out anal sex, this is one of the best positions to test it.

Guys Want a Better View

Men are visual beings, and doggy-style banging allows them to have a better view of their partner. They can enjoy looking at them while having control of the situation. If someone loves butts, they will have a nice view spreading those cheeks. 


There are those who are into hair, feet, or just want to have a better look at the actual penetration. And doggy style is one of the best positions for all of these reasons. At the same time, they can have free hands to do whatever they please. They can caress their partner’s back, pull their hair, grab their breasts, hips, and whatever else. 

It’s Easier to Penetrate

Doggy style is one of the sexual positions that make penetration a lot easier. And it feels quite good. Naturally, this is one of many reasons why women love the doggy style too. In fact, the doggy style is the most popular sex position for women as well. It allows their partner to hit the G spot easier, and it will allow both parties to cum more easily. 


In this position, the person is bent over, making the penetration as simple as it can be. What makes it great is that the penetrator will have a lot of control (as we mentioned). And this allows them to adjust the tempo and find the most comfortable angle during penetration. It also allows them to fully penetrate their partner and enjoy the fun to the fullest. 

It Is Less Exhausting

The position is quite comfortable for both partners. It doesn’t require a lot of straining or work, and it is a lot better compared to some positions from the Kama Sutra that obviously require you to be a gymnast.


And this allows men to fully focus on pleasure and enjoying themselves with their partners. While other positions are still enjoyable, being in an uncomfortable position can take away some fun from it. The same thing applies to any other position that requires you to be physically fit or is just too exhausting to enjoy. 

Doggy Style Gives More Sensation

Whether we are talking about physical or mental pleasure, the doggy style feels so good. And there is a reason why so many people put it in the first position. What is interesting here is that doggy style is the winner for both men and women. And the first three positions on the list are the same. 


Doggy allows men to enjoy every second of sex with their partners. And they can use their hands to enhance the pleasure and satisfy their partners even better. It is a win-win situation. Finally, there are so many ways to make the pose even sexier, for example, by using butt plugs. So, the only thing left to do is enjoy the fun with your partner and look up different ways to spice it up even further.